SC CAPABIL SRL, offers consulting and design in the field of electrical installations and automatics

Design activity of SC CAPABIL SRL., for electrical and automatic systems of industrial and civil objects, covering the following areas:

- Electrical power supply;
- Electrical distribution;
- Lighting and emergency lighting;
- Power distribution;
- Protection systems (lightning, grounding systems);
- Low voltage electrical installations:
    - fire alarm systems;
    - voice and data systems;
    - PA installations;
    - security systems (CCTV);
    - access control and automatic time tracking;
    - building management systems (BMS);
- Industrial automation;
- Automatic systems for civil buildings;

Our designers are licensed by ANRE in design of electrical installations for low and medium voltage with unlimited power.
The work carried out by the company engineers and technicians seeks the customer satisfactions through the promotion of modern technical solutions, with minimum operating and implementation costs, applying the latest, approved, rules, regulations and technical standards.

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